The Decline by Christopher Jessulat


The Decline A NovelGenre – Post-Apocalyptic/Survival/Zombie

Pages –  337


Just finished reading “The Decline” by Christopher Jessulat. I would like to thank Christopher for the ebook copy of this book. It is much appreciated. This was a very fast-paced and nicely  flowing Post-Apocalyptic/Survival/Zombie read. A refreshing type of read, as it was very much character driven,  opposed to depending only on the gore and guts usually found in  these types of reads. There were a few different scenarios going on throughout the book and Christopher was able to navigate from one to the other with great ease. While there are Zombies (ghouls) in this book, I find it is just as much a survival adventure read with a credible plot and storyline. It was one of those reads that before you knew it you were finished, and wanting more. I found this read to be quite entertaining and kept my attention from start to finish. Highly recommend this read for all you Zombie/Post-Apocalyptic/Survival lovers out there! For a debut novel this was out of the park great.

Synopsis (from back cover) – The outbreak devastated entire nations; what little hope would be found here?

It has been weeks since the First Wave broke, and a woefully unprepared mankind has steadily lost ground to the tide of infected. Overwhelmed by the sheer number and ferocity of the afflicted, the official response has abandoned its inland posts and collapsed back to the last line of defensible terrain.

Cut off from rescue and resupply, a desperate pocket of survivors cling to the notion of humanity while faced with a grim decision – is it worth it to be the last survivors of the human race, if you lose your humanity in the process?


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