Legacy (The Legacy #1) by Michelle Lowe

Genre – Fantasy/Steampunk
Pages – 364
Just finished reading “Legacy (The Legacy #1)” by Michelle Lowe. I would like to thank Michelle for gifting me an e-copy of this wonderful romp. While this book is described as Fantasy/Steampunk, it has many different elements from other genres like paranormal, adventure, and historical fiction to name a few. A Victorian Era story that takes place mostly in the South of England with some unforgettable characters. There are some unlikely alliances which add to the suspense of the plot. There are characters you will love, hate and hate to love in this genre bending adventure. The story flows so wonderfully and with such great descriptive detail that at times you can imagine yourself participating in, or being along for the adventure. This book did exactly what it was meant to do…it took me away to a different place and time. I absolutely loved this read, and am anxious to read more of Michelle’s work, and am looking forward to other books in this series. I highly recommend this read for anyone who loves fantasy adventures or who just like a really stellar piece of fiction.
Synopsis (from back cover): A thief, a lover, and a toy-maker; drawn together by fate; unlikely champions against a powerful and remorseless enemy. When not fighting each other, they must defeat the powerful Lord Norwich, and end his plan to unleash global violence and crown himself emperor of the world. No problem.
But behind the scenes, the Trickster god is manipulating men like puppets, changing history to his own ends and for his own amusement. As an ancient plan is set into motion, the trio are faced with events they do not understand and may not survive

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