Blood Rage (The Blood Rage Series, Book 3) by Allan Walsh

Blood Rage
Genre – Epic Fantasy/Action Adventure
Pages – 294
Just finished reading “Blood Rage (The Blood Rage Series, Book Three) by Allan Walsh. Having read “The Crimson Guild (The Blood Rage Series, Book Two)” earlier in the month, I was pleasantly surprised and grateful to Allan for gifting me an e-copy of this book. The segue from book two to book three was quite smooth and continued pretty much where the other book left off. Allan builds an elaborate world with well defined characters. The pace of the story was steady, smooth and well written. The introduction of new characters was done in such a way that you thought you already knew them. Also we have a bit more magic, a vampire, goblins, Wicca, shifter, and a bit of coming of age for the main character Conall O’Lorcan in that he is learning about, and how to use his abilities and learns something about his lineage. I thoroughly enjoyed this work of escapism from Allan, and his ability to work words in the most skillful and sometime amusing way. Allan also leaves it open for a possible fourth book in this series in the ending of this book. A good solid ending, but possibilities exist for more. If you like fantasy, adventure, action, great world building and well defined characters this is a must read. “Every secret has a price”.
(From back cover): Conall O’Lorcan is a thief plagued by the secrets of his past – secrets people would fear; secrets he himself fears. When he accepts a commission from the mysterious Baron, his life spirals into turmoil and he is forced to face his fears head on as he tries to set things right.

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