Trip Walk (The Tripper Series, Book One) by C.M. Halstead

Trip Walk

Genre – Science Fiction/Time Travel/Action & Adventure

Pages – 200

Just finished “Trip Walk (The Tripper Series, Book One) by C.M. Halstead. I would like to say thank you to Chris for gifting me an e-copy of this book. This is my first read by C.M. Halstead, and I really was quite entertained. I don’t read a lot of books that deal with the subject of time travel, but this one will have me exploring that area of the science fiction genre more than I do. In C.M.’s bio he says “Free your mind to worlds that may or may not be reality and let your imagination be ignited…” and he sure does live up to that idea. The plot was original and fresh, the characters were interesting and well rounded. C.M. is very descriptive in his style of storytelling, which is helpful in the fantasy genre and creating unusual surroundings. There was some really funny (tongue in cheek) dialogue along with the more and in spite of the more  serious situations. Some characters take things lightly while others take a more professional and serious attitude. The juxtaposition of that was most entertaining and made things more believable and easy to realize. I was “transported” from page one to page two-hundred. Fast paced, lots of action and every bit an adventure. I am looking forward to “Kangal” which is the second book in this series, and my next read thanks to C.M’s generosity in gifting me an e-copy of that books as well. I highly recommend this read for your science fiction or action/adventure yearnings. Very entertaining and original.

Synopsis (from back cover): Grey walks back to his quarters. His rookies foremost in his mind; he has great confidence in his team, they not so much in themselves. This will have to change soon, it is key to their survival.

‘Trip Walk’ book one of The Tripper Series, introduces us to a team of seven people residing in the year 2114. Hand-picked from throughout time by the latest computers; they are tasked with the arduous and life threatening job of traveling back in time. Belonging to a clandestine organization whose job it is to serve the greater good by fixing or tweaking the past, they accomplish their missions with a do or die attitude knowing it is for the good of all mankind, or so they are lead to believe.

Time will tell…


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