The Untenable (Erafeen, Book Two) by David F. Farris

Erafeen (2)

Genre – Epic Fantasy

Pages – 428

“The Untenable (Erafeen, Book Two)” by David F. Farris is one of the reason I read new, self-publishing and independent writers. This is only David’s second book, but you’d think he’s been at this writing thing for years, as there is a certain maturity to his wordsmithing . It’s a joy to see the growth from one book to the next and you can tell from reading this piece that his heart and soul were left on the pages for us to enjoy and wonder! I was so looking forward to this book after reading the first book in this series “The Jestivan”.  This book  had more weight to it in substance, quality, and quantity, as it is almost twice the size longer than the first one.  His storytelling and world building are phenomenally good and well thought out. The plot and characters are unique and interesting even for a epic fantasy. The flow of the story is smooth, fast and keeps your interest from start to finish.  I will be happy to say in the years to come that I read this author when he first started out, and I think he is a writer to be reckoned with as long as his growth continues in the direction it’s going. I highly recommend that if you haven’t read the first book that you do so if you are going to read this one. There is a lot history to the plot and characters that you will most assuredly need to know to keep up with this brilliant piece of fantasy. There is a lot disclosed in this edition of Erafeen and there is much more to come I’m sure.

Synopsis (from back cover):  Bryson LeAnce and the rest of the Jestivan just escaped death’s grips at the hands of a foreign king and his divine protector. But they needed help. Now they return to Phesaw limping and wounded with more loss than just pride: Phesaw is down a member.

Thankful to still be alive, the Jestivan begin training harder than ever while dealing with their own issues. When family strikes a chord with a number of members, they must navigate an ambiguous trail of morality and loyalty, and not lose sight of what really matters.

The world begins to reshape itself as centuries of peace finally hit a wall. With a king’s demise, the door has been blown open for a new leader. And power players across the world are trying to reach their hands into the pot, strategically positioning themselves to grab a spot atop the Light Realm’s bastard kingdom.

Meanwhile, Dev Assassins lurk in the farthest reaches of Phesaw’s campus, multiple kingdoms fall victim to unknown rogues, and a man’s forces grow in numbers as he sculpts a hierarchy to his hodgepodge crew.


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2 thoughts on “The Untenable (Erafeen, Book Two) by David F. Farris”

  1. If you haven’t already read the 3rd book The Uprising Get it soon like yesterday. It was nice to see a great review like yours. David F Farris is a great writer!


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