Foster’s Sandman Shop By z119z

foster's sandman shop

Genre – Fiction

Category – Science Fiction/Gay/Speculative

Pages – 323

Publication Info – January 25, 2016

Reviewed by – William C. Bitner, Jr.

Rating – 📙

I’m afraid that by the end of the strangeness that is Foster’s Sandman Shop by the even stranger author name z119z I was left somewhat nonplused.  I so wanted to like this book and thought the concept was quite interesting. However, it missed the mark for me in many areas.  The thing that annoyed me the most, the thing that annoyed me the most, the thing that annoyed me the most was the repetition. You can only sit through and read the same hypnosis narrative so many times no matter who’s doing the hypnosis.  Filled with some of the most unbelievable gibberish I’ve read in quite some time. From the manimals to the idea of hypnotising a lover to be your S/M partner to a murder mystery that continues to be a mystery to me at books end. I’m really not sure what I just read!  This book has some interesting reviews however, it’s a 1 star or a 5 star depending on what you like I guess. There doesn’t seem to be any inbetween. I almost gave up and was on the verge of not finishing this book, but hoped for some redemption towards the end….but alas there was none.

Synopsis (from the back cover): Foster’s Sandman Shop has just what Mark Simmons needs to get the good night’s sleep he craves. What he doesn’t know is that his purchase of a white noise machine is the beginning of his conversion into a “unit.” Using hypnosis and mind-control techniques, Kenneth Foster, the owner of the Sandman Shop, conditions Mark to become a puppet anxious to satisfy his owner’s every need—business, domestic, and sexual—and then sells him into a life of slavery.

The rundown façade of Foster’s Sandman Shop hides more than a lucrative trade in highly skilled “personal assistants,” however. Kenneth Foster has grown impatient with the slow pace of hypnosis and has turned to mind-control drugs. But this pursuit is endangered when the man he hires to conduct tests of the drugs commits a sadistic murder. In the search for the murderer, NYPD Lieutenant Matt Dell’uomo and his team of detectives stumble across Foster’s ambitious plans.

For Dell’uomo, the case becomes more than a quest to solve a crime. His encounters with two of Foster’s employees, Jeff Ange and Michael Sorenson, awaken desires that he has long suppressed.


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