An Army of Skin By Morgan K. Tanner

An Army of Skin

Genre – Fiction/Novella

Category – Horror/Dark Humor/Supernatural/Psychological Thriller

Pages – 123

Publication Information – Independently Published – January 15, 2019

Reviewed by William C. Bitner

Rating – 📙📙📙📙📙

People ask me from time to time why I read so many Independent Authors – and I just say they are some of the best pieces of literature out there.  And, An Army of
Skin by Morgan K. Tanner is a prime example of that standard.  Amazingly this is Morgan K. Tanner’s debut novella, but that would not seem obvious from his writing.  The character development in this book was done expertly and with great care. There’s dark, macabre, gallows humor sprinkled throughout this book which only adds to the, if I must admit, a certain charm (not something you always find in a horror novella). A wonderfully imagined concept and brilliant writing add up to a stellar read.  I am so looking forward to future works by this talented new face. A note about the cover of this book – All hail M.R. Tapia – this is a stunning cover Manuel!

Synopsis (from the back cover): After losing his mother to a brain tumour, Trevor King feels totally alone in the world. Someone needs to pay for her death and Dr Mellick, Trevor’s work colleague and family GP, is the man he holds responsible. Trevor’s yearning for vengeance leads him to concoct a vicious plot to frame the doctor for multiple murders. Trevor skins the corpses, turning them into elaborate art pieces after being inspired by a mysterious textbook. But as the skins of the flayed victims come to life and continue the killings for him, Trevor wonders whether he is in too deep.When Dr Mellick goes missing Trevor becomes convinced the doctor is planning a similar scheme to bring him down.But as Trevor discovers the truth of his mother’s death and his own life, this murderous path becomes more of a calling.

About Morgan K. Tanner:  Morgan K Tanner is a writer, drummer, and golfist currently residing in the English countryside. The idyllic surroundings make it an ideal place to write, drum, and hide the bodies. The busy sound of the typewriter is perfect to drown out the hum of the antiquated torture equipment. His works of fiction and threats have appeared in the mailboxes of many a celebrity, who then sells their story to the tabloids, claiming they are being ‘terrorized.’


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